All of our birds are avicultured (captive-bred). If our birds are being hand fed, you may pay a down payment for at least half the price of the bird, in order to hold it until it is ready to go home, at which time, the bird, cage, and/or accessories must be paid in full. All of our baby birds, once weaned, must be cage trained in order to make sure they can maintain their own weight, and are healthy, before going home with you. Availability and pricing is subject to change. Images may not be of current birds. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Black-Headed Caique (Pionites Melanocephalus)

Caiques are native to the Amazon Basin in South America. Caiques are known as the clowns of the parrot world, due to their cute “dancing” and their playfulness. Come in soon to take a look at these little parrots. Wikipedia’s page

Budgerigar (Melopsittacus Undulatus)

We currently have several young Budgies (commonly known as Parakeets) in many striking colors. With a little handling and love, these little birds make excellent pets and the males are one of the best talkers, according to Bird Talk magazine. Wikipedia’s page

Cockatiel (Nymphicus Hollandicus)

We currently have several older Tiels that are looking for a new home. These birds are the smallest member of the Cockatoo family and are wide-spread in Australia. Cockatiels are sweet-natured, fun-loving birds that make excellent companions and are second in popularity only to Budgies. Wikipedia’s page

Green-Cheeked Conure (Pyrrhura Molinae)

Green-cheeked Conures are native to central South America. They can be quite playful, and can learn to speak a little as well. We currently have Yellow-sided color morphs available. (on the left.) Wikipedia’s page


We have a wide variety of finches and canaries available as well. Some of the finch species we carry include: Parrot, Star, Society, Zebra, and Fancy Zebra. Please check with us as availability may change.

Consignment Bird


We have accessories from many brands. Come check us out to see all that we offer! Some of our brands include:

  • Living World
  • Vision
  • Cuttle Bird
  • Prevue
  • Planet Pleasures
  • Scooter Z’s
  • Birds & Branches
  • Avitech
  • 8in1


We have many different foods available, from organic pellet diets, to all natural fruit and seed mixes. We have certain foods available by the bag, or by the pound. Some of our brands include:

  • LaFebers
  • Harrisons
  • Kaylor
  • Roudybush
  • Higgins
  • Goldenfeast*
  • LM Farms
  • Prettybird
  • Zupreem
  • Kaytee

*Goldenfeast® is a producer of gourmet foods for exotic birds, other pets and wild birds. Since 1991, Goldenfeast® has strived to provide only the finest ingredients and formulas. Our growth is attributed to offering excellent service and our unwavering philosophy, which is as true as the day the company was founded. “We will change our formulas only to improve, never to cheapen”.(Goldenfeast)

We add no artificial ingredients or preservatives to our formulas. A sampling of the many ingredients used in the Goldenfeast® formulas include spices such as whole cinnamon and star anise seed, herbs, assorted shelled nuts and in-shell nuts to include cedar nuts and macadamia nuts, dehydrated vegetables, our spicy pasta formula, spirulina, sterile hemp seed, flax seed, dehydrated eggs, more than 15 types of fruits, bee pollen, and so much more.(Goldenfeast)



We have a plethora of bird toys for hours of feathered fun with many choices to please any type or size of bird. Need something specific to meet your birds’ needs? Ask one of our employees to help you find exactly what you’re looking for or indulge in your creative side and make your own bird toy with items in our special section. We have expanded out bird toys to cover more than an entire wall of our store!


A&E Cage Co.

We can order the A&Ecage you want and have it shipped to the store (where we can build it for you) or, you may purchase your cage and have it sent straight to your home with A&E’s drop-ship program. Please check with us for prices, colors and availability.

Prevue Hendryx

We can order many different styles of Prevue cages to suit you and your feathered friend. Please check with us for prices, colors, and availability.