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Cats & Dogs


Take a look at the many brands of food we carry to satisfy the appetite of your furry companions. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please let us know, and we can check our overstock, or order the item for you. Interested in some FREE FOOD?! We offer a Frequent Buyer Program for most of our brands — After 10 or 12 bags (depending on the brand) you get the next one FREE! Some of our favorite brands are:

Stella And Chewys
Taste Of The Wild


We have a great selection of accessories for cats & dogs. Come check us out! Some of our brands include:

  • 8in1
  • Avenue
  • Chuck It
  • Coastal
  • Dogit
  • Four Paws
  • Kong
  • Kurgo
  • Midwest
  • Penn Plax
  • Pet Cargo
  • Petmate
  • Fountains

We have a new display of a few of the varieties of fountains you can get for your pets.

Like humans, pets require water as a vital element for survival. Water constitutes approximately 70% of a cat’s or dog’s body. Encouraging your pets to drink more water helps promote their health and well-being.(Hagen)

The Catit® Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain with Food Bowl responds to your pet’s need for a continuous supply of water. Re-circulating water with greater exposure to oxygen provides fresh-tasting, cool, filtered water for pets with a multitude of health benefits. (Hagen)

Encouraging cats to drink more water helps ensure proper kidney function and may decrease the incidence of crystal formation and urinary disease (FUS).(Hagen)


We offer a huge selection of interactive toys for hours of entertaining fun with your cat or dog. Come by and find the right toy for your pet today!